Orla Parkinson and Scott Coombs of BARKING ANGELS press, have set up this traditional studio located in the quiet dales of Gortnalibbert, Co. Letirim.  This is a fully working orignal letterpress studio.  It is completely self contained so you can work for hours in peace as you listen to the frogs singing and the newts fish for insects in the pond outside, or contact the Directors at the addresses below for unique commission pieces.

Orla Parkinson : oparkins@yahoo.com

Scott Coombs : scott.m.coombs@gmail.com

Orla and Scott of Barking Angel Press



The Five Glens Arts Festival loves ‘Counties of Ireland Jewellry’.

What a beautiful idea; the shape of each county instantly recognisable to those who know it, and for those who don’t, a beautiful piece of abstract wearable art.  These special amulets are 100% Irish, and are designed and crafted with care and attention right here in Co. Leitrim.  The jewellry is modern in style, with strong authenticity and cultural pride at its heart. Heirlooms of the future. http://www.countiesofirelandjewellry.com Counties of Ireland JewelleryCounties of Ireland8_donegal_Counties of Ireland Jewellry