On The Wire

On The Wire

So spring has come to the Five Glens as the first of the grub-like catkins appear on the boughs of the early hazel, and what with all the abundant rain, Glencar waterfall lets down her long hair and shakes it loose. Alas in Manorhamilton yet another meet, on another chilly spring night with the grand old dame of The Parlour smiling her Mona Lisa smile and shaking her creaky bones as we prepared to set sail and man the ship. We have begun to chart out a course for the Five Glens with the formidable Phoebe, Chelsea, Charlie, Anna, Mary T, Stephen and Steve all listening and sounding out their thoughts. There is a poster now, drawn up by the fabulous Chelsea with Stephen ringing the headline and Charlie at home as we speak, scratching out a template for the official poster in her wonderful calligraphic style. We’ll be posting the call for proposals on every dog house, hen house, pub, club, tub, under every shrub and over them, on the windows and doors across the county, so snatch one of those tabs, start noodling, send us your ideas before the 1st of March, either to the email address listed below, or if you prefer, to the postal address, we can’t wait to see them!


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