We Have Blast Off!

sign with border

It’s Alive!

As the rain and the hail throttled the creaking bones of Sheehans Parlour, we spoke and we argued, there was banging on tables and gnashing of teeth, with ideas being thrown into the air like seals from a whales mouth, yet more ideas came to be dashed against the walls, until we found a form, we felt the heartbeat. The blood has begun to course through the body of the Five Glens Festival, and the sleeping giant is waking in the west, striding through the glens and alighting on all who dwell here with artistic and creative inspiration. He sits for a while now inside the womb of the mountain heather to contemplate his being, gestate, and await his birthday. The Festival is set for 22nd to the 24th of August, and we cannot wait to celebrate this magical weekend with Art, Story and Song.


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